Weekend Highlights + Ramblings

Happppyyy Monday friends =)  How was everyone’s weekend? Too fast as usual, right? Yeah, mine too.

I had a rough week at work & was so happy when Friday rolled around. Friday evening after work I spent a much needed relaxing evening in w/ the BF (oh yeah, I guess I should note: my love life does exist. & I’m very happy + excited about it!). We cooked dinner, watched a movie + I promptly fell asleep half way through the movie. I know, I know, I’m an old lady & can barely stay awake past 10pm.

Saturday morning I woke up around 7am – I was making the trip to cheer on Jessie at the Boston Trail Half Marathon which was about 40 minutes from the BF’s house. The morning was chilly, but perfect race weather for the runners. The race started around 9am, so while Jessie was out running, I got to spend time with her fiancé, Mr. Sass. We drove to the turn-around point to see Jessie + we saw a waterfall on the way!


Once Jessie finished, I had to get on the road to my Dad’s near DC. My step-mom was having a big family reunion & she wanted me to be a part of it. The 3.5 hour drive was long – it rained a lot of the time & just felt boring in general, but I ended up getting there around 3pm. I immediately took a nap because I knew I was in for a long night!

My step-mom’s Uncle had an 85th birthday & we all gathered at Ardeo in DC for dinner around 6pm. Cocktail hour was from 6-7pm so I opted for Sauvignon blanc which was really good. There was so many people there & everyone welcomed me with open arms when meeting me for the first time. My step-mom’s family is a group of characters & there is never a dull moment when hanging out with them. Dinner was served after cocktail hour & I chose caeser salad, grilled chicken, and trio of sorbets for dessert. The sorbet was sub-par, unfortunately, but the rest was good. Very large portions, I couldn’t even eat everything! The night was spent laughing, drinking, + listening to the family tell fond stories of their Dad/Uncle. It was a very loving + wonderful evening. At one point, one of the daughters gave the man of the hour a huge headdress, as he was the head of the tribe, + then passed out feather headbands to the rest of us. Such a cute idea!  It was so nice visiting with my Dad, who I don’t see nearly enough.



I headed back yesterday afternoon around 2-ish, so it was a quick trip! Although much needed to see my family. My parents gave me a bike of theirs that they weren’t using so I was very excited to bring it home! I haven’t ridden a bike since I was kid, but really wanted to do more biking this summer. Once I get a helmet, I’ll be all set to hit the trails!

Countdowns: 8 days ’til Anatomy 2 is OVER! 13 days ’til Pittsburgh Half! 16 days ’til Public Speaking is OVER! 33 days ’til Memorial Day weekend! (BF + I planned a DC trip :)) 39 days ’til Ragnar PA!

Got some exciting times coming up! How was your weekend? I hear Pittsburgh is supposed to have a crazy heat wave this week/weekend – I hope it doesn’t rain so we can enjoy it!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights + Ramblings

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Still so grateful you came out to see me for 10 nanoseconds on Saturday & spend the rest of the time with Mr. Sass. But sounds like you two cooked up some fun plans for us this summer. Haha. I didn’t get to see the waterfall after the race, because we ran out of time, so I want to go back! There is also some fun hiking near there that seems to have a great view of the river, + that’s a bike trail. So we should probs go back this summer!

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    That’s so nice of you to go cheer Jessie at her race! Is the BF Mr. Longbottom? Glad to hear it worked out & you’re dating!

  3. Rebecca Jo says:

    So precious you went to cheer on a friend… that is just the best!!!!
    & its always good to carve out time for parents. We take it for granted. I need to do that more myself.

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