I’m Going Streaking! (August)

Hi guys =)  I’m still here.

Yesterday was the first day I wanted to run in almost 2 months. So, I did. I ran 1 mile. Nothing about that 1 mile felt good, but the fact that I wanted to run was a win in my book. I need to get my mojo back. My desire to exercise again. The good thing is that I can feel it slowly coming back – which is the best I’ve felt in months.


Chelsea gave me a suggestion – run streak. She said it’s been helping her get her running mojo back. I decided – what the hell, I’m gonna do it. Since I tend to be injury prone & I’m essentially starting from ground zero (I’m not, regardless of how I felt yesterday, I was still able to run a mile), I’m just going to run 1 mile every day of August. It won’t be long, it won’t be fast, but I’ll be running.


Join me, won’t you? You can do whatever you choose – but move your body every day for the month of August & let’s see how we feel at the end!

❤ C


10 thoughts on “I’m Going Streaking! (August)

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I did a run streak a few times in between training and really loved it! I thought of those 1-milers as my guilty pleasure, because I’d never normally just do 1 mile, but I always loved getting out for them no matter my mood or the weather. I hope this is what you need to get your mojo back!

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