Momentum Jewelry – Motivate Wrap Review + GIVEAWAY!


I have had my eyes on the Motivate Wrap from Momentum Jewelry for a while now & have always wanted to order one for myself! Anyone who knows me – or even just follows me on social media – can tell how inspired I am by motivational quotes, sayings, & speeches. If I could cover my walls in motivational & inspirational quotes, I would! So what better way to be inspired every day than to wear a saying on my wrist?

Below is a little information from their website about the wrap:


The amazing people over at Momentum Jewelry were kind enough to send me a motivate wrap to review – & even offered to help me host a giveaway where one of my lucky readers will get to have one of their own!

The day I got it in the mail, I immediately knew I had to try it out for that evening’s run. I ordered it in my favorite color, purple, & chose the saying “live every day with INTENTION”. I put it on & the fit was so comfortable. I could wrap it as tight or as loose as I wanted it & I wore it next to my Garmin watch. I ran 3 miles with my group & I didn’t even notice there was anything else on my wrist but my watch. By the end of my run, I knew I was going to wear it for my half marathon this weekend!


Every time I look down now, it’s the perfect reminder to live every day with my dreams in sight & to live every day with a purpose. There are so many different sayings & colors to choose from, it was so hard for me to decide, I wanted them all! I’d definitely recommend this wrap to anyone looking for a little extra motivation/inspiration on their runs/workouts or just in their every day life! I’m currently wearing it while at work & I love that it’s light weight & breathable.

Now – it’s time for my GIVEAWAY! Who wants one of these amazing bracelets?!

HOW TO ENTER: Answer ONE of the following questions in a comment. Multiple responses from the same person still only gets you one entry. 

  • Tell me how you motivate or inspire yourself on a daily basis.
  • What are your favorite work-out accessories?
  • Do you prefer group fitness classes or straight up working out on your own?

The giveaway will run until Friday evening, 10/21 at 12 midnight. I’ll choose the winner Saturday morning! I’ll be in NYC next weekend, but I will make sure to announce my winner right here & on my Instagram 🙂

*Disclaimer: I was provided this product by Momentum Jewelry. All opinions are my own. 


LEGEND Compression Wear – Review


A little bit ago I saw Jessie become a LEGEND Compression Wear Ambassador & I immediately wanted to be in on it too! (copycat, I know…) I applied in hopes that they would like the content that I post on my Instagram & my blog & the day after I applied.. I heard back that they loved my stuff & wanted me to be a part of their team! I was thrilled!

I chose to try out the compression sleeves, for whatever reason I’ve never enjoyed the socks. I obviously had to get them in my favorite color.. PURPLE! 🙂 When I got them in the mail, I immediately put them on. I was thrilled that they didn’t feel so tight that my legs’ circulation was being cut off. Rather, the amount of tightness was just right.

I knew the best way to test them was to wear them when I had to be on my feet all day before a race. I had worn them to run before & I had worn them to recover, but I wanted to truly test what they could do.

This past Saturday I was on my feet all day from 12-6:30 working the Great Race expo & loading/unloading the truck of merchandise. I was walking around helping customers & the floor was concrete. I had every intention on racing for a PR on Sunday & I knew I had to do something to protect my legs. I wore my Legend compression sleeves & first off, got so many compliments & questions about them. I had a great time telling people all about the wonders of compression & even got people to buy a few pairs 🙂 Not once did I feel like the compression was too tight or that my legs got tired of wearing them.

I had gone out with a friend after we wrapped up with the expo stuff & I was again on my feet until past midnight. I wasn’t even sure how this race was going to go considering what I had put my body through all day on Saturday.

My race was Sunday at 9:30am (recap here!) & if you read my recap, you know it went extremely well (4 minute PR!!). My legs have never felt so fresh & I could not believe how great they felt after being on my feet ALL DAY the day before.

I am so impressed with what compression sleeves did for me that I want all of YOU to feel that great during/after your runs as well! Thanks to LEGEND, I get to give all of my readers an exclusive code to receive 15% off of your orders from Legend Compression Wear.

The code is: AmbFriend2016

If you order, let me know how you love them! If you don’t like them, you can tell me too, but I really think you’ll love them 🙂

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of compression sleeves as part of the LEGEND Compression Wear Ambassador program. All thoughts & opinions are my own. The links provided are ‘affiliate’ links so if you choose to order through the link provided, I will make a small commission. If you choose to do so, thank you for the support!